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Shaurya Sainik School | Let’s Lit a Lamp


Shaurya School -Built on Foundations of Courage and Honesty

The world has more than its fair share of grief and agony. Small efforts by us can change a lot

If a lot of small people in a lot of small places do a lot of small things, they can change the face of the world — Old African saying.

First thing that came to my mind when I started thinking about building Shaurya School was that today’s children, who will take over from us tomorrow, need to be educated, even the ones whose family could not afford good education. That thought made me realize that I have to do something to educate underprivileged children.

This thought drove me to keep trying till I found a small plot of land in Najafgarh, which is a New Delhi suburb, Indian Capital. Once I knew I could use that plot, it was a big encouragement for me and I put in my efforts and almost all of my life’s savings to acquire that piece of land and an 8-room structure that was furnished with everything a school needs. This small building is where Shaurya School is located at present.

Acquiring the building was relatively easier than convincing the local underprivileged families to send their kids for studying. In its first year, I had just 10 students studying in Shaurya and had to literally knock on doors and convince people to raise the strength to the present number of 55 students. During this time, I had to frequently borrow money from friends and relatives also.

There were many times when the school was on the verge of closure but those children’s expectations kept me going. Today Shaurya has 55 smiling faces studying in it and they are taught by a staff of five, four teachers and one caretaker.

This year, we celebrated India’s 69th Republic Day (Jan. 26) on the school’s grounds and also 15th August Indian Independence day Celebrations and the encouragement I received from people, both who visited and who learnt about it later in platforms, such as, LinkedIn was overwhelming. Along with the students’ smiles and expectations, it is encouragement like this which keeps us going.

On behalf of the students at Shaurya, I request your good wishes and support-in form of donations of money, books, furniture, uniforms, etc-so that more and more underprivileged children can finally look forward to a living a dignified life not overshadowed by poverty and want.

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