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India trapped China on blacklisting of JeM terrorist Masood Azhar at UNSC: Fears Pakistani media


After China signed the BRICS declaration 2017 that condemned terror groups operating from Pakistani soil, Pakistani media now believe that Beijing may not even block India when it comes with a resolution to blacklist Jaish-e-Mohammad chief terrorist Masood Azhar in the UN Security Council. In an editorial on BRICS declaration, Pakistan Today warned Pakistan should now worry that even China, which had earlier blocked India’s move to blacklist Azhar at the UN, has signed the declaration.


“What should worry Pakistan is that even China – which had repeatedly blocked India’s attempts to have the JeM leader Masood Azhar put on a UN Security Council blacklist – has signed the resolution. There is a likelihood of Beijing not stalling the resolution next time it is tabled in UNSC, Pakistan Today said. Even as Pakistan continues to deny the presence of terror groups like LeT, JeM and Haqqani network, which were condemned by BRICS declaration, the editorial warned Pakistan that “Continuing in a state of denial would harm Pakistan.”


Media in Pakistan have analysed in detail the significance of the declaration. Some even warned Pakistan to not take the signals from Xiamen, where BRICS Summit 2017 was held, lightly. “The message is uniform from friend and foe alike: Pakistan’s tolerance for externally oriented militant groups is no longer acceptable and a serious national effort needs to be made if the country is to remain on the right side of international opinion,” Dawn observed in its editorial.


It warned, “Pakistan must not make the mistake of dismissing the signal from the world’s leading emerging economies.”


The Nation noted, “Considering that the summit contains China, was held in China, and was stage-managed by the Chinese president, this is crucially the first time Pakistan’s “all weather friend” has explicitly called out militant groups in the country – and tacitly Pakistan as well.”


Pakistan on Tuesday rejected a declaration by the BRICS nations, including China, saying there was no “safe haven” for terrorists on its soil. “We reject the declaration (released by member countries) at the BRICS Summit,” Pakistan’s Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir was reported as saying by PTI during a meeting of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Defence.

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