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BOOM BOOM ARMY !! Indian Army Killed 200 Terrorists this year, have dented the morale of Terrorism like never before


In a major victory for the forces which is sure to uplift the spirit of every troop posted across the turbulent areas of the valley, the number of terrorists killed this year has crossed the 200+ number for the first time in eight years and this too when there is still a month to go before 2017 ends. This is significant as since the last one-and-a-half years starting from the protests over LeT terrorist Burhan Wani’s death till the diabolical attack on the army camp in Uri, the forces have seen it all and risen only stronger and more determined in the face of a bloody and violent enemy.

The last two years have seen the security forces and the intelligence apparatus going all guns blazing to tackle the threat of cross-border terrorism, “Separatist backed Pak sponsored” home gown terror sympathisers and covert operatives who have been on a mission to radicalise as many youngsters in the valley as they can.

After Thursday’s twin encounters in Budgam and Sopore, the number of these foreign and local terrorists killed in action has crossed the 200+ markfirst time in eight years — this despite locals in various parts of the valley targeting the forces with stone pelting especially when they are in the midst of an encounter. In the last one-and-a-half years, the stone pelters were also seen blocking crucial road access which prevented the troops from taking their wounded personnel to hospitals in time, resulting in casualties from untreated wounds.

Speaking on the issue exclusively to Republic TV, Director General of Police J&K, Dr SP Vaid stated that ” the 200+ number is a result of the hard work and courage displayed by each and every troop posted in the region. Despite the events of the past one year being very challenging the forces have only worked harder and with more determination and hence this number has been reached.”

DGP SP Vaid further remarked that, ” the recent cases of surrenders by local boys along with the 200+ terrorist deaths in the region will prove to be a huge body blow for the terror organisation in the valley, operating with the aim of suppressing the security apparatus in the region. They will pay a dearer price for their misadventures if they do not stop fomenting trouble in the valley. Our troops are putting in their best efforts and that is why the security situation in the valley is now in control.”

He was hopeful that with the forces reaching out to misled youngsters from the valley through the medium of social media and the support of their friends and family, many would consider returning back to their families and get on with their studies and businesses.

Earlier in the year, the Separatists were also seen encouraging school and college girls to participate in stone pelting across the valley, the situation was controlled swiftly thanks to the presence of women constables from CRPF who took charge of the women stone pelters.

Despite demonetisation striking a hard blow to the funding of stone pelting and terrorists emanating from Pakistan, the forces have had a rather challenging year. With the odds stacked up against them, the synergy between various levels of security agencies and intelligence apparatus has only grown stronger and more sophisticated. It is a result of this synergy that the past few weeks alone have seen more than three youngsters surrendering their arms to the security forces with the desire to return to mainstream society.

In one operation in Pulwama, the Para SF and joint security forces had managed to eliminate the entire top cadre of the LeT which was more than what the terror organisation could have handled.

Four terrorists were killed at the site of encounter in Budgam and one Pakistani terrorist was killed in Sopore on Thursday. The forces have been riding high on the recent success they have achieved in successive operations stemming from excellent joint team effort and timely use of intelligence inputs gathered by all agencies in Kashmir.

Source : Republic


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