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Kargil War Hero | Captain Gurjinder Singh Suri | Maha Vir Chakra


Captain Gurjinder Singh Suri was the Ghatak platoon commander and was located at forward-defended locality in Jammu & Kashmir.


On 9 November 1999, the enemy launched an attack on own post, which was successfully repulsed, and the enemy retreated. Scizing the opportunity, the Ghatak platoon was ordered to pursue the fleeing enemy. Captain Suri immediately deployed his support group to take care of any reinforcement or interference and set out to clear the bunkers one by one.


When he saw that one comrade was grievously injured in the process, he quickly moved on with his buddy, to clear the bunker. He killed two enemy soldiers with his AK rifle and silenced the machine gun. However in the process he received a burst in his left arm.


Unmindful of his injury, Captain Suri continued to inspire his men to accomplish the task. He then lobbed two hand grenades into a bunker and entered inside spraying bullets with his AK rifle killing one enemy soldier instantly.


At this point he was hit by an enemy rocket propelled grenade and was critically wounded. He refused to be evacuated and continued to exhort his men till he breathed his last. Inspired by his leadership, the Ghataks fell upon the enemy with vengeance and annihilated them.

Captain Gurjinder Singh Suri, thus, displayed conspicuous bravery and junior leadership of the highest order in the face of the enemy and in the process made the supreme sacrifice.


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