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Kargil War Hero | Captain Baleyada Muthanna Cariappa | Vir Chakra


Service : Indian Army
Arms : Infantry
Unit : 5 Para
Operations : Kargil War
Award : Vir Chakra

Citation :
On the night of 20 June 1999, Captain Baleyada Muthanna Cariappa and his column formed part of the battalion group tasked to capture point 5203 in Jammu & Kashmir, a feature strongly held by the enemy where earlier attempts had failed. After treacherous and a near vertical climb of nine hours, the column successfully infiltrated the feature by night. The enemy engaged the column by intense automatic fire. Captain Cariappa led the physical assault and lobbed grenades in the enemy sangar, killing two enemy soldiers instantly. His exceptional bravery and leadership qualities helped in successful capture of point 5203, against intense enemy opposition, by first light of21 June 1999.
On the night of 22/23 July 1999, Captain Cariappa was again tasked to capture “Area Conical” on the Line of Control. His column closed in on the objective after a treacherous climb in which he sustained injuries on his neck. Despite being wounded, he crawled to a vantage point and shot dead two enemy personnel, thereby neutralising the enemy position and facilitating capture of “Area Conical”. Thereafter two counter attacks by the enemy were successfully repulsed.

Captain Baleyada Muthanna Cariappa displayed repeated acts of valour, bold leadership, unparalleled courage, leading from the front and devotion beyond the call of duty, in the face of the enemy.


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