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Mandatory Military Service For Govt Job Seekers!! – PSC


The government jobs seekers may soon have to face the condition of compulsory military service. A Standing Committee of Parliament has recommended that for those wishing to work in the Central or State Government it should be mandatory to serve the army for five years. According to the reports, the Parliamentary Committee wants that the Personal and Training Department (DOPT), which reports the PM in this regard, prepares a proposal.

The Committee believes that by making five years of service mandatory for those wishing to serve the government, it can also get rid of the problem of shortage of soldiers in the army. DopT creates and monitors policies for all government employees. This recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee has come to an end when the Indian Army is battling a shortage of 7,000 officers and 20,000 soldiers. Similarly, the air force and the navy lack the strength of 150 officers and 15 thousand soldiers.

Only 3 million employees in railway alone

At present, there are about 3 million employees in Indian Railways under the Central Government. While the State Governments have around 2 crore employees. The Parliamentary Committee has given such a recommendation, considering that the Indian Army is battling heavy deficit of officers and soldiers and if this recommendation is implemented then this problem can be overcome to a great extent.

Will meet disciplined officers

It will also benefit from disciplined employees and officers of the Central and State Governments. However, the committee is unhappy with the loose attitude of the Ministry of Defense regarding this important recommendation and has taken its focus towards the personal and training department. The Committee wishes that the matter of lack of officers in the army should be given priority as this is a matter of national security.


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