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‘MARCOS’ helping Army flush out terrorists in Kashmir


The Indian Army is doing a broad drive against fear mongers in Kashmir and now notwithstanding including Marine commandos (MARCOS) for getting them out from the islands in the Jhelum stream.

The Navy has conveyed a group of 30 Marine commandos, under a Lieutenant Commander, for all time in the Wular Lake to keep any psychological militant movement there.

Amid a current inquiry and pulverize operation in the Jhelum waterway, Army had likewise utilized the administrations of the MARCOS to flush out any fear based oppressors who could be utilizing that area for avoiding the strengths.

As of late, the Army has been going out in far-flung territories to follow fear mongers who are as of now under weight from security drives because of tenacious counter-psychological militant operations.

The group of MARCOS is working close by 5 Rashtriya Rifles conveyed in Kashmir’s Watlab region close Wular lake. Armed force sources said the good countries in Jhelum have a specific kind of manor which can be utilized by the psychological oppressors to shroud them and their hardware.

The MARCOS have the capacity to jump submerged and do broad ventures in these territories.

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