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Years of nomadic life with a penchant to accept challenges, makes any fauji more resilient and humble. A soldiers life is full of surprises and strong bonds of friendship, respect and camaraderie, enables him/her to tide over any adversity. Team oReFauji comprises of hardcore soldiers with varied experience, of over 20 years, with the armed forces. Firm believers in the concept of TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), oReFauji believes that our real assets are our brothers-in-arms and our real strength lies in our brotherhood. Therefore oReFauji believes in leveraging our active strength of Two Million to create economy of scale, leading to unbeatable offers, for all aspects of life. To make the deal even sweeter, we recommend only those who meet the highest standards of quality, service and commitment because our faujis deserve the best.

Team oReFauji comprises of professionals with varied armed forces experience of more than two decades each. oReFauji firmly believes in “Together Everyone Achieves More” and is convinced to leverage the strength of brotherhood. Our active strength of Two Million must be put to advantage to arrive at the concept of COLLECTIVE BARGAIN for the entire community, serving and retired. There is need to aggregate our strength and present our community to outside world like any other Corporate Giant to get best deals in all realms of life. oRefauji do not recommend what falls below our standards of quality, service and commitment. Team oReFauji takes pride in the fact that our real assets are our brothers in arms, who need to be given quality services at their doorstep.

Rt Wing Commander Tarun Gupta

Website Link :  www.orefauji.com


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