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Major Rakesh Sharma,Shaurya Chakra (Retd)

Army Tenure- Maj Rakesh Sharma  hails from a small village in Himachal Pradesh. Got enrolled in Indian Army in 1995. Passion for Uniform and will to contribute something for the Nation saw Major Rakesh voluntarily serving almost Nine years out of his total Ten years of Army service in strife torn region in Northern Sector. Dedicating his prime youth for the Nation Maj Rakesh  actively participated  in Operation Vijay in 1999 and subsequently planned,led and executed various anti insurgency operations in many parts of the Country . With his un-daunting will, high dedication and Team spirit Maj Rakesh  successfully ensured elimination of many Hard core Insurgents with out any fatal injuries to any of his team member on any occasion. For his  Leadership ,gallant acts and operational excellence Maj Rakesh Sharma earned “Shaurya Chakra” .
Rakesh sir pic
Major Rakesh Sharma was Awarded by The Prestigious Military Gallantry Award  “Shaurya Chakra” from The President Shri APJ Abdul Kalam
Citation Link http://standforindia.com/major-rakesh-sharma-shaurya-chakra/
Besides this he  was also awarded with “Operation Vijay Star” and similar  other accolades. Besides being a highly dedicated Solider, Major Rakesh actively executed multiple social projects through operation , “SADBHAVNA” during Army tenure
After Army Tenure–  In order to contribute  for larger part of the society, Major Rakesh took voluntary release from Indian Army and completed his PG  programm from IIM Bangalore. Championing the cause of child education he operates a school for the children of under privileged and is active in various Ex-servicemen forums working for the betterment of the Ex- Servicemen and their families. He is working in the area’s of child education, water preservation and cleanliness drives. For his social contribution he has earned, ” Shikhar Samman” and ” Alwar Gaurav Award”  from two different reputed Organizations. Major Rakesh is  a fitness freak and a regular marathon runner.
Vishal Sharma | IT Professional
A 34 years old young youth and  The Machine behind stand for India, he is highly enthusiastic and ever agile.  Vishal  vibrates with patriotism nationalism and high dignity. Vishal is constantly on look out to integrate masses for national and social causes. He is a qualified IT Professional.
Its is his 24×7 involvement and working which keeps on Stand For India going. He aims to get  all Indians, irrespective of caste  creed  community geography and religions to be Nationalists first and anything later
Manish Sharma  | IT Professional
He is the technical brain behind Stand for India. Quick on devising and executing Ideas, Manish exhibits  community fostering and a Nationalist bent of Mind. Manish is an exceptional anticipator and acts well before time in order to give shape to any innovation.
These days he is actively working on exploring Patriotic Tourism as a concept and exploring all possibilities to convert this Idea in to a shape.