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Pakistan demanded Bullet Train from China; What China did next will blow your mind


Pakistan have a tendency of treat itself at par with India, it always try to compete with India whatever the situation or field is. We do have a traditional rivalry in so many fields like Defence, Sports or Nuclear weapons, where we are in a constant rat race. Though this tendency is counter-productive for Pakistan as it loses most of revenue into Defence spending and Nuclear weapons.

India is working at war level as far as Infrastructure building is concerned, it is working on building super expressways, Waterways and Bullet trains. Obviously how can Pakistan leave behind? The moment Indian Government started working on Bullet train project, some rumors have been started on the other side of the border.

There is a growing clamor for Bullet train in Pakistani social media, however as expected this was only a distant dream for Pakistan. Pakistan even tried to contact their all-weather friend China, but China shown them a mirror.

Pakistani Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique told the National Assembly on Tuesday that Pakistan cannot have bullet trains, even though this was one of the ruling party’s election promises,

He further added that “When we asked the Chinese about it, they laughed at us. We should consider the 160kmph train under CPEC as a bullet train. We can’t afford an actual bullet train, there’s no market for it.”

Admitting that their party had faced a lot of criticism over not launching the project, he said that the country didn’t have enough money to build one. “Even if we do, we don’t have such a big range of upper and middle class passengers who will buy tickets.”

In an articulate speech on the floor of the house, Mr Rafique gave members a comprehensive overview of the performance of his department and insisted that he was doing as much as possible to clean up the department and turn it into a profit-making entity.

 “There isn’t a chief minister I haven’t pleaded with over the past three-and-a-half years. Except Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which turned over 90pc of such lands to us, the other provinces have not handed us a single marla.”

However, he clarified that land that was occupied by traditional dwellers or slum residents would not be touched. “How can we displace those people; where will they go?” he said, while vowing to act strictly against those who used railway land for commercial purposes.

Although the minister was supposed to respond to a motion regarding the “non-utilization of lands of Railways in the country”, he covered nearly all aspects of his department in his detailed remarks.

Narrating his experience of negotiating with the Chinese over projects related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the minister said that things were not as rosy as they appeared to be.

“We will not buy a pen worth Rs2 for Rs10, not while I am heading this department,” he said, explaining that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) had been asked to fund the Lahore-Peshawar section.

Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan are not prepared to turn over railway land to the Pakistan Railways, preventing the department from using them to generate more revenue, he told the house.




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