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Soldier &  “De Death” – A strained letter in Blood


Ah! Mighty and Must Death, a Valiant one Kiss my Forehead and shower your Praise For, I am one among the immortal ones Drench my Spotless Uniform with my blood Whose fragrance shall be with the Air Here & there, now or never, their and then Next to None! Oh! Death – Don’t feel Proud, Don’t feel Shame You are my sweetheart, A business – i was taught To Tame! Don’t be Lame, Don’t take the blame or distress No Blemishes on my Uniform, Brandish your sword For you have met a brave-heart and not a coward My Coy-Mistress!

Hip Hip Hurrah! Death – Be not Swift Be slow, gentle like a breeze flow Be like a worm that lightens the drift By its glow! A stream of Ganges, Pure and Pious Intelligent, wise while devouring my life I still have my Rifle in my hand with bayonet Drawn Let me kill some more enemies from dusk to dawn Till go to enemy’s courtyard or flock in his lawn! Come to me when the last drop of blood Empties my Veins! And if possible give me that extra cheat-time To hold your Reins! O lente, lente currite, noctis equi! Ah! Death – Be not Swift Be slow Before the curtain falls and final blow!



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