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Here’s how India’s Tejas is way better than JF-17, jointly developed by Pak, China


http://chandaulisamachar.com/?q=is-it-true-you-can-buy-prescription-drugs-online The development of Tejas, which will be replacing the ageing fleet of workhorse MiG-21s of the IAF, is being closely watched by neighbouring nations such as Pakistan and China, who have jointly developed the JF-17 Thunder, a single-engine, light combat aircraft. However, technical specifications suggest that the JF-17 Thunder is no match for the Tejas.

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http://caindiainfo.com/page/5/?q=viagra-20-mg-quanto-costa-in-farmacia Here are 9 Advantages which give an upper hand to Tejas over JF-17.

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  1. Experts describe the supersonic Tejas to be as capable as the Mirage 2000, the French-made fighter jet. In fact, developers at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) used Mirage 2000 as a benchmark for Tejas.
  2. Tejas is designed to carry air-to-air, air-to-surface and laser-guided missiles and other weaponry systems. The fly-by-wire technology makes it easier for the pilot to manoeuvre the jet.
  3. Tejas is fitted with a new, state-of-the-art Israeli radar, considered to be one of the best in its class. Its radar warning system, which alerts the pilot to enemy aircraft or missiles, is made in India.
  4. Heavy use of carbon fibre in its fuselage reduces weight of the Tejas, thereby proving better agility. It also helps the aircraft evade enemy radar by absorbing radar waves.
  5. The fighter jet’s wingspan stands at 8.2metres while its length is 13.20 metres. Tejas stands at 4.40 metres height.
  6. The maximum speed of the supersonic jet is 1350 kmph. While the J-17 Thunder needs a minimum 600-metre long runway, Tejas can take off from a 460-metre tarmac.
  7. Tejas can operate up to a height of 50,000 feet.
  8. Mid-air refuelling is another facility where the Tejas scores over the JF-17 Thunder. The internal fuel capacity of Tejas is 2,458kg, while the JF-17 Thunder is at 2268kg.
  9. Tejas has a ‘glass cockpit’ which displays real-time information to the pilot.


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