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Unsung War Hero | Brigadier R.D Hira | Mahavir chakra


​Brigadier RD Hira, was commanding an Infantry Brigade which was continuously engaged in active operations. The Brigade with full  initiative and energy was successful in keeping the Pakistani infiltrators on the run in the Kashmir Valley and also inflicted serious losses on them. 
On the commencement of hostilities with Pakistan on the Punjab border, the brigade was assigned the task of cutting off Sialkot from the North. The entire Brigade moved at night through unreconnoitered enemy territory and formed up a defensive position so that the Brigade could withstand enemy counter-attacks which were likely to come up during the day. Brigadier Hira carried out this task with complete success. By his mere presence he not only inspired his troops to hold their position but also inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. In these operations, Brigadier Hira displayed exemplary leadership, courage and resourcefulness in the best traditions of the Army and was awarded the MahavirChakra. The officer later retired as Lt General


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